Nationals Scrutineering Guide

Nationals Scrutineering Guide V3

Hi All,

Roger Mee will be our Scrutineer this year but the process will be pretty much as for the last 5 years. Just to remind you, please have a glance at the Guide linked above.

In particular;

  • if you have had a new/replacement mast since original boat certification, please check out the guidance on Mast Datum Point (lower band) to sheerline checks (730mm – 630mm).
  • if you have had spinnaker pole launchers fitted, please check the max projection from the “front of the mast” – it must not exceed 2320mm.

Best wishes

See you all in the dinghy park/bar.


Draft Sailing Instructions

Draft Sailing Instructions


The draft Sailing Instructions are available to view here:

Merlin SIs v3.1[1706] 170710

Please send any queries or comments on these draft SIs to

The final version of the Sailing Instructions will be displayed in the Merlin Rocket Race Office, Plas Heli from 09.00 Saturday 12th August.

If entrants require a personal copy of the SIs, please contact the Race Office at Registration.

Leeward gate marks – which way do I go?

We plan to use a leeward gate for some of the championship courses this summer – it was something that was used effectively and proved popular at the recent Pwllheli open meeting – please see the proposed course diagram on the right.

For those of you that aren’t used to having a leeward gate, here’s a link to give you something else to think about

You can ignore the advice on overlapping zones at gatemarks as we will be using a separation of approx. 10 boat lengths.

You may want to have a look at the implications of Rule 18.4 . This rule (Gybing) does NOT apply at gatemarks.

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